1. Video 1 - HealthTrust Conference:   This was a promo for the conference that they used in sessions and on Social media.
  2. Video 2 - HealthTrust Conference:   This was a "happy faces" video showcasing each day of the conference.   Just wanted to show you another conference idea for brainstorming.
  3. Video 3 - HealthTrust Conference video 2:   Again, this was another video that we did to show you what we do for clients at conferences, etc.   This one is just for reference as it isn't on our site.
  4. Video 4 - Dollar General:   This video was a short video that they played during a session.   This is a reference and not necessarily what you need, but I wanted to show you another thing we have done.
  5. Video 5 - HealthTrust Conference Opening Video (for the main sessions):  This was an opener that was played in the main session for the conference attendees.  This is on the higher end budget, but we wanted to show you what could be done.