We are strategic thinkers and content creators. We listen to your story, your ideas and we engage that idea into a concept.  We bring your idea to life and bring awareness to your brand through scripts, storyboards that brings the production and editing to life. 

Film Production

Production to us means so much more than simply shooting film or video.  We develop and nurture a relaxed relationship with our clients while on set.  Regardless of the size of the project, we work hard with our clients and crew to coordinate all aspects of production to ensure we stay on time and on budget. Our directors, producers and production crew are top notch in our industry. Because of our precise attention to details and continuous communication between our clients and crew, we guarantee a flawless production and great experience for our clients. 


We pride ourselves on being creative storytellers and brand builders using rich visual imagery and impactful sound.  Our relationship with our clients continues during the entire development of the project. We process the footage, decide on the final takes, edit sound bytes, color grade, and make hundreds of improvements to the raw footage in order to really bring the story to life. Our clients enjoy viewing the edits through our online portal from the comfort of their own home or office, or they also able to come to our office and enjoy our cozy couches during the editing process.


Music can change the way you feel. Different tunes carry different emotions and can change the visual impact and vibe of your project. We believe that custom music is a big part of every project. So much so that 50% of every project we develop is dedicated to locating or creating awesome music that is guaranteed to wholeheartedly drive home the purpose of your message or brand.  



We are continually pursuing innovative ways to blend traditional and cutting edge animation and motion to import unique styles into our animation projects.