Budget Range / Notes:

  1. Snippet - This was a book app that detailed what each section of the app did for the end user.  It was used as an overview video of the concept.    Budget was $12,500 for the production.
  2. Walmart / NRG - This spot was used for endcaps in Walmart for a promotion by NRG Energy.   Budget was $2,500 for this spot.
  3. GHCA - This marketing video was an overview of the website that they were promoting.   The script, all graphics and animation were produced by Sketch.   Budget was $11,500 for the production.
  4. HCA - Germs - This spot was a promotional spot in which HCA wanted to do a series of spots that had a vector art feel.  We provided the copy, creative and animation development for this overview spot.  Budget for each spot was $5,000.
  5. FLUENT - This project was a marketing video overview for FLUENT's new app development for missionaries.   We provided the copy, creative, filming and animation for this overview spot.   This is also a great example of how you can take still images and creatively put blur and perspective on screen to make it feel more focused for the eye as to what the voice over is talking through.   Budget was $25,000 for the full production.
  6. Studio Shed - This 3D animation was used for trade show use and web promotions.   This is a great example of the text call outs that you might want to incorporate.  Budget was $12,000 for this production.
  7. KY Lottery - KENO - This spot was for an agency in Nashville to inform people in KY about how to play their Lottery.   We did a series of 3 spots.   We concepted the creative and animation for the entire production.   Budget was $5,000 for each spot.
  8. GSS Screen Capture - This spot is a great example of a screen capture software (such as Captivate) and the content was provided to Sketch to apply music and callouts and to shorten down the video they had into a presentation.   This example will show you the lower quality of screen capture vs. providing vector art to replicate a website (especially if you want to zoom in on particular parts of the website).   Budget was $3,750 for this post-production project.


Budget Range / Notes:

  1. Parallon Commercial - This commercial (as well as the Brand video next to it) was a part of a series of 6 spots that Parallon commissioned us to do for them.  We provided the copy, creative for filming and concepts, talent for all spots as well as the post-production edits for their campaign.  This was shot all in Nashville.  Budget was $125,000.
  2. Parallon Brand Video - This is a great lifestyle brand video within the medical industry.  Again, this was a part of a series of spots we did for them.
  3. Baylor Interview - This Baylor interview was for their website and video wall that they put inside of clinics within their Dallas facilities.   This was a series of 25 interviews shot over a week in Texas within different cities.   We concepted and coordinated interviews and content, as well as created the post-production edits.  Budget was $35,000 for this production.   
  4. LP Growth & Innovation - LP commissioned us to do a brand video for their Growth & Innovation department.   This video was mainly interviews that we filmed on location and the content was provided to us from footage we shot prior as well as footage from their agency.    Budget was $20,000 for the production.
  5. THDA - This a great example of lifestyle footage.   THDA came to Sketch and asked us to produce 2 commercials for their Great Choice TN campaign.   We concepted the creative, copy, music and filmed on location in Franklin, TN.  Budget was $45,000.