Sketch Creative is pleased to submit its technical and cost proposal through this letter to Direct Auto & life insurance (Direct General) in response to your Request for Proposal (RFP) for Digital Video Production. Sketch Creative is proud to offer over ten years experience handling all elements of production creating successful brand awareness and marketing campaigns for our clients.

If Direct General determines that Sketch Creative’s response is deficient in any way, we respectfully request to be notified and be given the opportunity to correct any such deficiency. Please forward any questions regarding this response to Kyle Cornett.  His contact information is provided below.

On behalf of Sketch Creative, thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to this RFP and we look forward to creating a mutual partnership.

Kyle Cornett
VP Development | Sketch Creative

P: 615.469.5392 



Sketch Creative (Sketch) has over ten years of experience in the creative services arena.   We begin with creative concept and strategy development to produce high-quality videos and animation for broadcast, social, web and marketing projects as well as key campaigns that include music development for radio and TV, graphics for web and media placement. Our rich experience in this industry has allowed us to be creative experts in developing, branding, storytelling, and expanding our clients’ growth strategies.


Sketch Creative has worked with several other organizations that have a similar structure for compliance and sensitive financial information. For example, over the last two years, Sketch has collaborated with First Tennessee, THDA (Tennessee Housing & Development Agency, a Government-run mortgage division), SACU (San Antonio Credit Union) and Waterway Wealth Management, just to name a few.  We also continually work with several medical and health industry organizations, all of which we must maintain strict legal compliance, sensitivity and confidentiality with the information conveyed. Preserving relationships with our clients is our top priority, and we uphold compliance to our strictest standards while developing innovative methods to convey their message accordingly. 






Our communication process is simple: we listen, develop and deliver according to your specifications. For every project we develop, we communicate how the process is progressing and keep you informed via phone calls and/or emails, staying within your detailed timeline. The key to completing a successful project is maintaining the ability to stay on time, on budget and on scope, all the while keeping you informed during every step of the creative process. If any changes are made, we set up a meeting (by phone and/or in person) to talk through the process. We believe that in-person meetings make things flow smoother and faster. Please see our timeline example below. 



It is vital to the success of each project to have all parties aligned during pre-production. We will sit with Direct General’s team and determine the initial creative, and development of each video. All creative will be defined and approved before any production is scheduled. If storyboards, scripts, additional locations or talent are needed, these will be developed in pre- production.

As with any production, we schedule scout days and provide all images matching the outline or storyboards in order to save time and stay on budget. A breakdown and shot list will be provided to Direct General within 24 to 48 hours before any production begins.  The bullet list below will give you an idea of how we move through the process for each project.

  • Concept and Development – we will explain and provide storyboards for direction.
  • Script development and approvals for direction.
  • Casting, scheduling, securing shooting location, determining how many days for production, etc.
  • Securing talent, wardrobe, crew, gear and all related to the project shoot.
  • Developing a timeline of production, post-production and delivery for Direct General.


Production to us means so much more than simply shooting film and video. Within each outline per project, we provide a transparent guide showing what will be involved from the crew size, camera equipment to the craft services.  We nurture a relaxed environment within our set for our clients. Regardless of the size of the project, we work hard with our clients and crew to coordinate all aspects of production to ensure we stay on time and on budget. Our directors, producers and production crews are top notch in our industry. Our precise attention to details and continuous communication between our clients and crew will guarantee a flawless production and an overall great experience. 


We pride ourselves on being creative storytellers and brand builders using rich visual imagery and impactful sound. We process the footage, decide on the final takes, edit sound bytes, color grade, and make hundreds of improvements to the raw footage to bring the story to life.

All videos are edited in stage approvals with our clients (25%, 50%, and 75%) as this allows you to view each piece of the edit, approve quickly and when the final product is finished, everything will come together with very little changes. We use an online portal called Frame IO for you to view, annotate and make comments within the edits. This portal allows comments and revisions to be reviewed in one place and from the convenience of your office or home. All notes are stored and recorded for organizing feedback as well as reviewing past comments and versions.


  • 1-minute testimonial video, including 4 to 5 interviews.
  • Edit: Footage selects, comp drafts, color grading, small graphic animation for the logo, including text treatments, lower thirds and audio mix to a final file.
  • Music: royalty free (if needed)
  • 3 Revisions per interview: Any revisions after (3) three per interview will be discussed and charged at an hourly rate of $250 an hour

Once everything is approved through Pre-Production, a timeline for each project will be submitted.


February 14th – Scout location
February 16th – Provide outline from scouting day
February 17th – Film day, Direct Generals headquarters in Nashville, TN (All Day)
February 18th – First revision send to client for first review
February 19th – Talk through any revision made from Direct General
March 1st – Review all edits with Direct General
March 6th – Revise any changes and complete
March 8th – Send digital files to client for FINAL file delivery



Sketch Creative began in January of 2007. We have led our industry for ten years as expert in all facets of production from broadcast, corporate marketing, and social media, to animation, motion and music design. Our creative headquarters is located in Franklin, TN with an additional office in Houston, TX.  Over the last decade, Sketch has had the privilege of producing high-quality videos, all which have achieved, proven results for our clients. 


Sketch Creative is a creative agency with a unique collaboration of cinematographers and graphic designers. We are creative thinkers in helping our client find their voice.  

We specialize in production for all types of video from broadcast to corporate, focusing on every aspect of marketing, education, web presence and viral marketing. To achieve and gain momentum over your competitors, you need a fresh perspective on how you communicate your message to customers.  Sketch Creative is that fresh perspective. 

Sketch also specializes in music and sound design, creating state-of-the-art sound for all our videos. In order to convey an impactful message, each video must communicate emotion. Custom music and sound design guarantees us to do so. We treat every video with a specific emotion in mind, ensuring your audience will remember. 


The philosophy behind Sketch Creative is both about the process and the results of a successful collaboration. With this, we achieve powerful communication solutions for your brand message. Once communicated effectively, every brand message will elicit the intended reaction in the target audience. This is something we refer to as ”The Moment of Impact”.  You understand your brand, your product, your service, your organization; we understand how to communicate it effectively, and implement the message across all necessary visual media.


Casey Cornett and Kyle Cornett are the owners and both would be the project managers for the entire project for Direct General. 

Casey Cornett, President | Executive Creative Director

Casey Cornett has more than 28 years, creative experience in advertising and creative marketing. As President of Sketch Creative, he believes any concept can be realized with the right creative direction and team supporting you. Combining his technical expertise and lateral thinking, he brings solutions to every scenario using video, music, graphics or website visuals. Casey will serve as head creative, director, and lead manager for all editing.



Kyle Cornett, Vice President | Development